Phase One digital tech


We have professionals with official certification of Phase One

CIENXCIEN STUDIO: digital technician certified by Phase One

We have digital technicians who have the official certification of Phase One, one of the most recognized brands for its equipment with the highest image quality in medium format photography, a title that is obtained by completing a training program created by the Danish company to provide the training and skills necessary to work with your camera systems and your own software, Capture One, in the most demanding jobs.

CIENXCIEN STUDIO: professional digital retouching

From Cienxcien Studio Rental Services we want your productions to flow and we offer you by renting our equipment all the connection solutions, accessories, wiring, computer equipment etc and to give more support we offer you a Phase One certified digital technician fully familiar with the equipment, That way you will be focused on photographing while our digital technician will be aware of connectivity, focus, settings, backups, etc.